do i look like a normal person to you?


honestly, just look at how far we’ve come. mochizuki-sensei’s art is absolutely beautiful and she’s improved so much ;u; I’m so proud of her (and us, for getting through this emotional roller coaster ( ;´Д`)!!!)
Oz himself has grown so much and I really love him ffkdcndjz. I hope him and everyone else have a happy ending ☆

Yato and Ebisu chpt. 38


Pandora Hearts Red

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Today’s speedpaint: skies of dreams. 


anonymous compliments are so cute like their only aim is to make you feel better, they dont want any respect or personal thanks, just the satisfaction knowing they made someones day, now how fricken cute is that am i right

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Mazume Week | Day #5: Change

Dedicated to Yume - take this as my late birthday present (^^;)

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© MOCHIZUKI Jun | Pandora Hearts | Chapter 93 (source - Thanks to Heiji!)

Kazuma 兆麻 caps for hikui

Even if you say ”Ah God, why?”
Or cry ”I can’t take it anymore

You’re this tragedy’s "queen"

Nyanko Sensei!

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だいじょうぶ です か?

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