What more do you need than pride?
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun  |  CARDS (ep. 1-12)

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Happy Birthday, Tanuma!♥ 9/17

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Who is that inside of me?


An extra bonus!  Kiyoko probably won’t be printed for sale, but she might make an appearance as a bonus for people who get the whole set.   It’s kind of nice to see them all together.

Now come join my prayer circle for Season 2.

Also, the Haikyuu!!, Persona and Mushishi prints have been restocked in the store, so for those of you that sent me a message expressing interest, you can get them now!

Aldnoah.Zero  Season one  Episode titles
Let j u s t i c e be done, though the heavens f a l l

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"In that perfectly clear place, I noticed for the first time the shadows of birds in the sky above"

"I am right here, Inaho. I am right here."

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;_; can’t wait till January to know what was Inaho’s fate in the anime sob

(also adds the inasure i drew yesterday)

"December, 2014. Count Saazbaum’s Landing Castle, which had attacked United Earth’s headquarters, had fallen. The battle had ended in victory for the United Earth Forces. There were many casualties on both sides. The whereabouts of Princess Royal Asseylum Vers Allusia of Vers are still unknown.”

This is far enough. Do not touch her highness … Orange.


"If I could just say it, and words were enough…"

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FUNNY STORY when I was little I had a Jasmine doll and I wanted to play out a marriage ceremony so Jasmine married Mr. Peter, my beanie rabbit. and they lived happily ever after UNTIL the doll got so old her head rolled off and I had to throw her away. the rabbit still lives though ._.