What more do you need than pride?
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Kenma was Kuroo really persistent or pushy when he first asked you to play volleyball?






Sometimes he was, but he’s still kind of pushy nowadays.


Finally, some closure to the Noise/Echo/Doldee kerfuffle! Thank you hebigami for the camera pics and summary! 

Menma’s goodbye letters

For Heaven’s Sake…

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Originally I made this one in color but I think I like the bw version better. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn these two. Hopefully after I get a few other things done, I can start working on the comic again. Any updates will be under the 2D love story tag on my blog.


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The Struggling hearts of Menma. 

Whatever I become doesn’t matter because Super Peace Busters are always together, forever!

the famous trash *.⋆( ˘̴͈́ ॢ꒵ॢ ˘̴͈̀ )⋆.*

"That... that has nothing to do with anything!"

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this one wasnt even a theme its based on a convo i had with pan about cruel shit i laugh at and end up drawing im the worse

if you understand the joke i just wanna say im kinda sorry

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though the heavens fall